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We are the three roots.

Steven Three Roots Design

Steven Whitehouse

Thea Three Roots Design

Thea Mason

Trish Three Roots Design

Trish Spencer

At Three Roots we create distinctive spaces that reflect who you are. We look forward to connecting with you and beginning your project. 

Steven Whitehouse

My intention behind my design process is an enjoyable, meaningful, experience of collaboration with clients that express, inspire, and enrich the aesthetic of their home and personal well-being.


I began interior design as a profession over 8yrs ago upon moving to Santa Fe, NM full time - this included opening my own furnishings & decor shoppe for a few years called, NEST.


Prior to that I lived in San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL where I was in the corporate consulting world of Change Management & Human Performance. I was also a psychotherapist and a high school teacher earlier in my life. I grew up in Ohio and Pennsylvania.


I have worked with my other THREE ROOTS partners, Trish & Thea, for the past few years as designers and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to open our own interior design shoppe & services in beautiful Santa Fe along side our clients in their adobe home dwellings. 


While I professionally design with my client’s style in mind, my own personal design style of late can be described as rustic romantic meets mid-century with a contemporary twist. Curating a home with layers of old and new, warm woods, soothing colors, textures and nature is how I have designed my homes.


Thea Mason

I’m an interior designer based in Santa Fe.  I was born in Canada and moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast as a young girl.  Surrounded by the rich cultural tapestry of the area and also that of New Orleans, my love for design was born.  The distinctive character of these places were the inspiration for my career as a designer.  


From Mississippi, I moved to Los Angeles where I graduated from high school.  I studied Interior Design at Wayne State University in Detroit.  Upon graduation, I was offered a position in Naples, Florida.  My creativity flourished there, and gained valuable experience with prestigious design firms. 


Following a visit to historical Santa Fe, I decided it would become my home.  I live a fulfilling life here with my partner Rodrigo, and son River.  My objective for clients is to lead them collaboratively through the design process to create a space that suits their lifestyle and resonates with their true essence.


Nature is where I derive almost all of my inspiration.  It is here that I find balance even amongst asymmetry.  My goal is for this sense of balance to be reflected in projects and artwork.  I love mixing neutrals, warm colors, and raw materials.  My favorite era of design- perhaps Craftsman and Territorial., but I truly love them all and quietly mixing them together. 

Trish Spencer

Passion... yes for lovers, your family, friends, life, and design!


Design started for me when I was around 8 years old and I would move my bedroom around... loved to add color, drape material over the curtain rod (and yes wish I had a canopy bed) but knew then I had a future in design.

I started in clothing as a buyer in college and then moved into interior design by default in my own home and friends would ask me to help them with theirs. I loved the creative process of finding out what and how they liked to live, use their spaces, colors, style and special pieces that they cherish to help make their home the wonderful place they loved to live in!

With my years of interior design that creative process continues today... the relationship with a client that builds from a simple conversation of their love of Santa Fe and their new home or to refresh one they have lived in for years!

Passion. Still for lovers and God knows for my beautiful family... but also for my current and future customers with Three Roots Design!


What is so wonderful about my job is that it is ever changing with design projects and meeting the special clients that go with them! My personal style in my home is something like the “Great Gatsby meets Santa Fe”! My love for color and mixing patterns….floral with stripes, paisley with herringbone, rich saturated velvets and wallpaper….fresh Stargazer Lilies on my cocktail table! Coming thru my front door after a busy crazy day and looking at my home, it makes me smile and sets the mood for a relaxing lovely evening!

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